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Core Transit Services Now Live!

Transport Neutral IP Transit

Our premier product is our Virtual Over the Top (OTT) IP Transit solution called Core Transit. This service allows us to deliver dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address space BGP peering over any access network including FTTx, broadband, 4G/5G, and low-latency satellite.  Core Transit is ideal for a BGP-enabled primary or backup path in areas where Dedicated Internet Access is exceedingly expensive, unavailable, or not a requirement.   

Home Lab IP Transit

Do you need a dedicated IP address for testing, development, or home automation?  Our home lab solution is the answer!  This solution can deliver a single address, a static block of addresses or enable address advertisement via BGP.  Connect you home lab, raspberry pi, development lab, web development solution and more with a fully internet reachable IP addresses!

Core Transit Backup Path

Operating a mission critical enterprise network with internet reachability requirements?  We can help provide a cost effective backup solution to ensure your application and users are always online without the expense of another DIA.  With the ability to advertise your IP prefixes over the connection, Core Transit is even a great backup path for enterprises and medium service providers! 

Unlimited Transit 

Does your business require dedicated IP addressing but is unable to acquire it in your area?  Many broadband providers offer only dynamic addresses or limited sized blocks as best.  Our server allows you to route all network traffic through out network while we deliver the IP addressing you need.  This a great startup solutions for small hosting operations, WISP's and more!  

How Does it Work?

Core Transit is simple:  We extend our core network to you through a tunnel over the underlying transport network of your choice.  Because broadband is inexpensive and widely available most of our customer leverage it to reach us.  Their traffic is tunneled to our network and routed out to the internet accordingly.   This allows us to peer with our customers using their own BGP AS number or to offer static IP address blocks as well.  We leverage a number of standard tunneling protocols to ensure your routing platform of choice is supported.  Additionally, security can be layered on with IPsec encryption if desired.  Check out our documentation for more details!  

Technical Solution Details

Questions about the architecture?  How it works?  What platforms are supported?  Things are still a work in progress be we have details included in this document:

Marketing Document.pdf